The particular strengths of our business model - what makes the difference?

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We assume that you are already highly competent in your own core business, but we can help you further by using our particular speciality, in the provision of a tailor-made support service. Thus we can provide the initial support by balancing out your peak loads and reinforcing your short-term projects with the necessary high quality resources, with a maximum of flexibility and efficiency. Based on the know-how so gained, we can then offer - in the next step - a proposal for a smooth transition to an outsourcing model targeted specifically at sustainable cost savings without any risk.


SDKMI SW strengths

  • Access to personnel resources in Eastern Europe (mainly EU) countries
  • Excellent IT professionals
  • Very good cost / benefit ratio
  • German and English language capability
  • Short notice period with a very limited risk
  • Full flexibility, depending on the project and requirements
  • Rapid response to changing requirements
  • No hidden costs or obligations
  • Option to subsequently transfer the project to a low-cost region