How do we proceed?

It's simple - let our staff work for you at your site as long as necessary, to gain confidence in our specialists, and to allow them to understand your environment, spirit and requirements.

Once the success of this first step has been demonstrated, take the decision to transfer the project to the hands of the people you already know by outsourcing of the project to a near-shoring country.

This approach is the essence of our outsourcing system and represents the USP of SDKMI.


Near Shore


Are there any risks?

The basis for the durable and trusting cooperation should be a “win-win” situation for the business partners.

Among other things, this equality would normally also be valid for the risks that are to be distributed between the partners alike.

Nevertheless, since SKDMI itself employs the staff, our proposal provides very limited risk for our customer.

Near Shore

What distinguishes us from head hunters or temporary employment agencies?

Our goal is near-shore project outsourcing and not traditional head hunting.
The short-term on-site support is to facilitate the project outsourcing process and to build confidence in the team of specialists selected.

What sets us apart from a traditional low-cost SW outsourcing company?

We combine the on-shore with the near-shore approach, thereby creating a relationship based on trust and providing a maximum of flexibility.