Easy and fast handling

Our approach is based on scientific and highly sophisticated concepts in the field of outsourcing, but at the same time we put emphasis on a transparent and down-to-earth methodology. This is exemplified by the following steps of a typical commissioning process:

  • You describe the project and define which skills are required and when.
  • Our consultant contacts you for a brief cross check in the form of a dialogue.
  • We carry out an immediate search in our internal database for suitable candidates already available, which may be extended by a specific search on the market in Eastern Europe.
  • We submit the preselected CVs for your review; this usually takes place within a month of task definition.
  • Together with us you evaluate the candidates in a telephone interview.
  • The commercial offer is submitted for your decision.
  • Based on the chosen personnel, a performance contract is signed between you and ourselves.
  • We employ the staff and we take care of all their logistic details.

The start of work varies from case to case, but is usually 4-8 weeks after contract signature.
If you are not satisfied with the performance of the staff, SDK MI offers rapid replacement (usually within 2 months after the corresponding notice has been given).
The term of a contract is usually longer than 1 year. Under exceptional circumstances a shorter employment is possible.


For Partners

SDKMI operates directly, but also through partnerships. The partner has a choice between two different types of cooperation with SDKMI:

Service provision under own company

The partner operates entirely on its account: this includes business prospection and negotiations with the customer. SDKMI provides the necessary support on demand from the partner, and sources the personnel. SDKMI thus has no direct client contact, neither contractually nor informally. This type of cooperation allows the partner to offer SDKMI services under its own brand and to develop its own customer base.


The agent acts on behalf of SDKMI and as an intermediary between SDKMI and the client. SDKMI provides the service under contract with the client.
In both cases, a fixed commission is negotiated for the whole duration of the contract.
No geographic or other kind of exclusivity agreement is normally granted, unless a specific agreement to the contrary is negotiated.
All marketing activities, such as market research and market development, are the responsibility of the partner.
If you are interested in such a partnership, contact us now to take advantage of our short decision paths so as to access great business opportunities. Call us or write to us with an indication of your experience. Let us know how you intend to penetrate the market and which potential customers you could bring on board.

We look forward to you hearing from you and about your ideas!

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